Wakasa Fukui
Hometown: Matsuoka-cho, Fukui Prefecture
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 29th
Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 169cm (5'6)
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: B
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 16: Tanaka-kun, you're dazzling! (Classic Kitakou)
Last Appearance (Manga):

Wakasa Fukui (福井若桜, Fukui Wakasa) is a character in the series Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club and its parallel version, subtitled Pure.


Wakasa is a girl of medium height with long dark hair and glasses. As a child, she wore her hair in pigtails, though she now wears it loose.

Kitakou ClassicEdit

Her uniform in this series is a sleeveless white blouse with a dark pleated skirt.

Kitakou PureEdit

Wakasa wears the standard St. Modern girls' uniform in this series, which is the red sailor-style dress and its black necktie.


Nicknamed the "Fukui Sniper" due to her competitive nature, Wakasa will not stand for anyone getting in the way of what she wants. Though she appears to be rather feminine on the surface, she loathes the idea of cute things and acts and speaks in a more tough and masculine manner. She excels when it comes to her literary talent, but when it comes to love, she's a hopeless romantic and can get delusional and jealous towards anyone she sees as a rival.


Iriyoshi ToyamaEdit

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The two were childhood friends, and Wakasa is now deeply in love with him, seeing him as a potential boyfriend. But due to the fact that Noto is often near, she feels that her love is being threatened and wishes to eliminate any competition for it.

Noto KanazawaEdit

Main article: Noto Kanazawa

Due to the fact that she sees Noto as a threat (though they were once childhood friends), she bullies him and does what she can to try and keep him away from Toyama.

Mitake ShinshuuEdit

Wakasa uses him as her bodyguard and henchman to help her in bullying Noto. He would have been the player character in both Kitakou games, but as they were never finished, his exact role is unknown.


  • While her surname directly references Fukui Prefecture, her given name is inspired by the Wakasa Province that would later form the southern part, as well as the modern town of the same name in the prefecture.
  • Though Wakasa does not show up much in the actual Pure comic, she appears in promotional artwork and would have starred in the game.