Hey everyone (though it's really just one person besides myself....) I've been doing some stuff on the Hetalia Archives and tried to get this wiki a little more attention. And the Hetalia Archives is doing some revamping so let's try to do some too! Here's what I think we should do:

  • Fix the character profiles: the character profiles, no offense are somewhat..., lame. There's no depth to it and barely any of the characters have any information about them and pictures. So I was thinking we need to update the character profiles and make a little more in depth!
  • Get more people on here: I've got some people on the Hetalia Archives that are having some interested in the older series of Hideak Himayura (sorry if I got his surname wrong...) And I'm trying to advertise about this place. To bad it hasn't been working out.... T_T, any other ideas?

Well that's pretty much it. What do you think? Give me your honest opinions?