All right! Time to clean up this wiki! Though this is a kinda dead wiki I think we need to clean up this whole place! Here's what I think should be done!

  • Get rid of duplicates. On the side bar their are too many copies of the same thing. Characters is the main issue you should have series than you should add characters to the list so it's nice and even! Here's what I mean: series> character> list of series characters.

plot> series info and plot.

  • Give this a new look! When need a new look. We should have a welcome article,about article and we should have a recent blog widget! We should add more pictures and make this place a little more appealing!


Alright! Ceras SanMaria and I started a new scanlation project!

Here's the cast:

Translating Team:

WonderfulAsia (me, translator)

???? (translator)

???? (editor)


Ceras SanMaria


Ceras SanMaria's User Page:

My Hetalia User Page

Blog (The thing that started this scanlation project),_anyone_interested%3F