If you have an account for NicoVideo, this may help in finding more information about the old Barjona and Noto-sama games.

Tags to look for for :

バルヨナ (Barjona)

きたこー放送部 (Kitakou Broadcasting Club)

のとさま (Noto-sama)

のと様 (Another reading of "Noto-sama")

バルヨナボンバーズ (Barjona Bombers, has vids exclusively for the old Barjona game)

キタユメ (Kitayume, but it just seems to have about three Barjona videos)

ずろうの棲処 (The Deserted House)

The general Barjona tag gives more videos, about three pages. Kitakou gives about one page. You can see general cute MADs, and also MADs of people doing gameplay of the old games. Unfortunately since it's Japanese-only, you'd have to find someone to try to provide a translation for those ones unless you could understand 'em. I'm not sure how legal the "gameplay" stuff is, though :s (probably not very). There's a rule fans have about not circulating the games after they've been removed from the site, but they don't seem to apply it for the gameplay videos.

It's a shame we've yet to see that patch for Noto6 yet, since Germany would've been the target and Belarus would have been involved somehow too (I wonder how).