It's been hard to find in-depth information on the old days of Kitakou and Barjona, but sometimes I'm able to get lucky and find Web Archived versions of Himaruya's other sites that contained information and images on the m.

The main Kitayume site ( is robots.txt'd and blocked from the Web Archive, but you can find old versions of some pages on the Japanese "Megalodon" archive (but only from 2007, with about two pages from 2006).

There are also two sites still in existence that have some KitaPure and Barjona game info saved over too: "Himaruya2" (which is also robots.txt'd, so you can't find any earlier versions on the Web Archive) and "Barjonajp". It's interesting to see just how many sites he has/had. He also had a Livedoor blog back in '04 or so for Kitakou, to add to this listing. Himaruya's other hosts like Wotaemon and Side-B have turned up some results in the Web Archive too.

As a further note, Himaruya himself writes Kitakou's title in English as 「Progress! North Industry Broadcast Department」

I'll make a post later on what you can find hidden on Kitayume nowadays, maybe.

Stuff from Side-B and BarjonajpEdit

  • icons! If you click on the "kabe" link you can see wallpapers, but sadly their bigger versions were not archived with the thumbnails. Twin-tailed Noto is too cute.
  • A later version of "Omiyage" Different set of icons! Interesting how Imari's hair was red in the earlier set, but pink here. The Engrish is amusing.
  • Kitakou Pure game page Well, one version of it. You can find info on the voice cast and details about the game, but I'm not too good at translating huge chunks of Japanese |D.

Chapter 15 of Kitakou was published in December 2003, if the archives are right. Chapter 16 was January/February 2004. 17 itself was January. There was also an original chapter 18, but I have no clue what it contained as it doesn't seem to be archived.

Rinko comic?:

Comic, first page missing:

The Barjona game page does not seem to have been archived from Side-B, unfortunately. But this site has a character page and other things:

Pages from Himaruya2Edit

Individual profiles:




  • Noto and Toyama!
  • January updates for 2004 It seems like chapters 16-17.5 were done in January '04, which means there is quite the giant gap between those chapters and chapters 18 and 19 on the current Kitakou page (not to mention all the deletions of material). On this Livedoor page, there is a link to that fantasy-themed Kitakou comic on Side-B that only one page was saved in the Web Archive. It's a shame! You can see pictures referencing the comic though, like Noto with the Chako(?) fairy and Rinko as a witch.
  • Updates for May
  • Chibis scattered about

Sakura serverEdit

The site seems to have been down for quite a while, and even Megalodon's archives seem to be failing now. But there is always the Web Archive:

A comic about Imari:

Extra: Barjona voice castEdit

Been trying to translate/figure out both this and the Kitakou/KitaPure voice cast. But here it is:

  彦根カロム カルヴァスタン

  舗家つこみ 響歩さん

  鵜殿すんき 本諏訪壱護さん

  府内西丸 つきしまとうやさん

  会津誉 167さん

  伊予深夏 玄野ねこ助さん

  博多祀里 シュスさん

  TERUKO 癒月さん

  アカベコ あやち胡桃さん

  美濃 ユキオさん

  見頼皆人 羽田共さん

  百合かもめ 水野はるかタソ

  二風谷いゆた hotvsさん

  朱城てぃら 音無すうさん

  秋田小町 寿みるくさん

  瑛千代 周防ハルカさん

  米沢錦 きゃぁ。さん

  日比谷ヱリ花 えちゃこ

  吉野恵子 紅月タン

  府内たから 逢瀬かろさん

  城壇先輩 くじらさん

  ○○○○ 雛希さん