Some of the stories associated with KitaPure are gone, save for fan collections. Others are still in site files. And it seems I'm hitting a jackpot! Here we go:

Hidden stories on GeocitiesEdit

Stories unable to be found: "notowaka", "iya", "wake", "sw0", "ns1", "hatoban1", "hatobatotest", "4k1", and uh...I'll get back to all that later.

KitaPure #1Edit

  • Original title: 『泣きっ面にさいたま』
  • Summary: キタコウピュアの記念すべき1話です


Omake#2 (Hatoba story, original title is 「キタコウ的中華一番!」 ):


  • Original title: 『せンターグリルでオムライス』
  • Summary: ついにあの人達でます(*´∀`*)

Omake (original title is 『銭湯フラフラ』):

Omake#2, Miyako's haircut (original title 『会長小話』):

Yunyun side-story, still works on main site! (original title 『電波ゆんゆん』):


  • Original title: 『3話遅れてゴメンナサイ記念』
  • Summary: そんなモン描くヒマあったら 本編描きなさい

Side story, original title is 『またもや置きみやげ』:

Seiryou and Iwase storyEdit

  • Original title: 『道産子はいいっしょ』
  • Summary: お兄ちゃん色んな意味で大変です
  • Title/Splash
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

Some odd side story

  • Original title: 『黒い人たち』
  • Summary: 黒いです。


  • Original title: 『アイス最中で爽やかに』
  • Summary: とりあえず大会に向けて各高校 頑張ってるのに…モダン北は のんびりまったり…ひなじは(*´д`*)ハァハァ ヽ(´(ェ)`; おいおい とりあえず仕事しろと。

Hinaji comicEdit

  • Original title: 『ひなじのとタンサイトを作る』


Azumi storyEdit

  • Original title: 『なんか温泉漫画』
  • Summary: いまりさん大好き。

There is a story with the title "notowakasa" that comes after this, but it looks like no strips of it can be found. Moving on to the next, then.

Some comicEdit

  • Original title: 『稟子、すんき漫画』
  • [124]
  • [125]

Another comicEdit

  • Original title: 『なんかアレな漫画!』
  • Summary: バット持った小沢真珠がすてき。

The next story was on the page "wake". Can't find any strips from that, or "iya". Gonna have to check some other sites to see.

Hatoba and Hinaji comicEdit

  • Original title: 『ひなじとはとばの漫画』

Noto cartoonEdit

  • Original title: 『白のと謎漫画』

It appears "ng1" was lost/overwritten when Himaruya labeled a Hetalia strip with the same filename, drat.

Sanuki SeriesEdit

Whatever was under "hatoban" seems to be missing from this set...hmm.

Second part of story (Miyako plays matchmaker with Hinaji and Sanuki):

Third part:


Christmas story featuring dog!SunkiEdit

  • Original title: 『クリスマスおめでとうごいます』
  • Summary: クリスマスののと様。

Edited: Files are jpg, not gif

Comic Festival side-storyEdit

  • Original title: 『文化祭マンガ?』
  • Summary: 文化祭は放送部が大変だった思い出 以外ありませんよ…

"Imari-san and Valentines" comes after this one, but Himaruya reposted it on his blog and the Noto-sama scanlations journal has it already. So I'm not listing it here, but just for note, it comes between this and the following story.

The meeting of Youko, Yamato, and NotoEdit

Kitakou/Barjona/Zurou crossover:

Other hidden stories on Geocities (Black Noto, etc.)Edit

These are ones that I can't quite match up to the dead links on the KitaPure page, and I cannot find ktk1-5 or kkn0-17. I assume they're out there in fan-collections though!

Black Noto captures SunkiEdit

pn3 and 4 are missing D:

Commemoration comicEdit

A story with Noto and dog!Sunki and cat!Nomaru?Edit

Some other story (Noto and Hinaji)Edit

Dog SunkiEdit

Little Hatoba and Toyama?Edit

Some other storyEdit

Black Noto captures KalomEdit

Noto gets the red dressEdit

Some comicEdit

Noto-sama comicEdit


Rinko side-storyEdit

Page 5 of the "r" part is missing, the side-b archived version might have it though. Here's the sixth page:

Scrapped version of chapter 16?Edit

Other Kitakou comic (Kitakou/Barjona crossover)Edit

Miyako and RinkoEdit

Black Noto bullies his own authorEdit

Will update as I find more missing story links.