I'm not an expert at Japanese, though I've decided to try and take a bat at translating little things to try and get a better understanding of the Kitayume characters. This is generally a miscellaneous blog entry. If anyone else can offer in-depth info or suggestions/corrections, it would be much love!

St.Modern Kitakou uniformEdit

Source is: this archived page


  • The boys wear a necktie and their vests are brown.
  • The trousers are wine-colored.
  • The girls wear a red sailor-type dress.
  • Girls can also wear a petticoat (even if it is short, it is acceptable).
  • The boys and girls also wear short neckties with the school insignia on the inside.


As far as I know, I haven't seen art or strips dealing with the winter uniforms. I'd have to check back, but if there was any art in existence, he probably deleted it too.

  • Boys wear a brown blazer.
  • They wear thick wine-colored trousers.
  • Girls wear a long-sleeved version of the summer uniform design.
  • In winter, men wear blazers though it is also acceptable for girls to wear a cardigan over their uniform. (Depends on the school specification)

St.Andreas Asaka/Azumi/whatever the heck it is uniformEdit

Source: this archived page


  • The boys wear a navy blue necktie and vest.
  • They only wear their hats at an important event.
  • The girls wear a white sailor blouse. The chest looks like ↓ (points to a deleted picture)
  • There are flowers at the top of the ribbon.
  • The school insignia is embroidered on the left arm of the girls and boys uniforms.


  • Boys wear a navy blue blazer and tie.
  • The trousers are checker print.
  • The girls wear a long-sleeved version of the summer sailor uniform.
  • The overall color is navy blue.