This place has fallen into the dead zone again, I'm afraid. It's hard to find others that are into these series or get back into contact with someone who was. I've probably burnt out all resources in searching for more information, and yet things are still so incomplete! It's still kind of hard to figure out the timeline for Barjona too.

I've been thinking of starting a livejournal community for Kitayume, but I'm doubting if it will take off. For now, I guess I've found some things. Too tired to see if I posted them before, will delete "duplicate" links later when I have time to see if I posted some of these already:

Screencaps from KitaPure game:

Screencaps from Barjona:

As far as deleted/missing comic filenames go, there is a a "c" series going from "c-1" to "c-9", along with "AKE1" to "AKE4". The fantasy Kitakou comic (of which only "f2" survives) was four pages. It's unfortunate the Web Archive only crawled through some of Side-B AFTER it expired, though. "gaki" (the story with Noto and Toyama as kids) was at least 9 pages, Archive only saved 6 of them from 2004.

It looks like Himaruya used to have a lot of pages where he'd post up people's fanart too. It's interesting to see what kind of art people made for him!