Yep. Tried to get on there today, and it's gone. It was up yesterday and working fine, but now the domain has lapsed and it redirects to some domain search page (that might give a virus, I'm always scared of those pages). DougaBBS was actually the backup board for the long-dead GazouBBS imageboard too, and it looks like no one thought to make a backup for this backup!

So now I wonder, where will people get their old-school lost Kitayume pictures from? There were pictures there that have been missing from the current site entirely, I should've saved some more there. Before the board died, I tried posting some pages to the incomplete/missing Barjona strips in hopes that someone else had the other pages, but there didn't seem to be much luck. Someone else on the board was hoping that someone had the third and fourth pages to Black Noto vs. Sunki too (which are missing).

I think things are going to be a little more complicated if this forum's permanently gone. It could be a temporary issue, but that's what fans thought about GazouBBS when its domain expired (I came too late to the game so I never got to see the original Kitayume thread at THAT board but I heard much about it. "Fayore" on Livejournal has some stuff from it, not sure if any of it is Kitakou or Barjona but maybe I could ask. "Noto_sama" also had stuff but they seem to be gone from fandom). Are fans going to go back to hoarding their stashes?

I hope there can be some sort of solution, there are so many comics and materials that are interesting to look at.