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    Yep. Tried to get on there today, and it's gone. It was up yesterday and working fine, but now the domain has lapsed and it redirects to some domain search page (that might give a virus, I'm always scared of those pages). DougaBBS was actually the backup board for the long-dead GazouBBS imageboard too, and it looks like no one thought to make a backup for this backup!

    So now I wonder, where will people get their old-school lost Kitayume pictures from? There were pictures there that have been missing from the current site entirely, I should've saved some more there. Before the board died, I tried posting some pages to the incomplete/missing Barjona strips in hopes that someone else had the other pages, but there didn't seem to be much luck. …

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    If you have an account for NicoVideo, this may help in finding more information about the old Barjona and Noto-sama games.

    Tags to look for for :

    バルヨナ (Barjona)

    きたこー放送部 (Kitakou Broadcasting Club)

    のとさま (Noto-sama)

    のと様 (Another reading of "Noto-sama")

    バルヨナボンバーズ (Barjona Bombers, has vids exclusively for the old Barjona game)

    キタユメ (Kitayume, but it just seems to have about three Barjona videos)

    ずろうの棲処 (The Deserted House)

    The general Barjona tag gives more videos, about three pages. Kitakou gives about one page. You can see general cute MADs, and also MADs of people doing gameplay of the old games. Unfortunately since it's Japanese-only, you'd have to find someone to try to provide a translation for those ones unless you …

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    I think this is about it. The amount of Kitakou and Barjona stuff decreased by the year.

    • Some comic with Nomaru and Tsuko
    • Part 2

    Gonna double-check to see if this might still be in the main Barjona listing. He linked these on his blog and I decided to check the Geocities site to see if they existed there first. If they're not part of the main comic page anymore, we have two more strips to add to the list of Misc./missing ones.

    • A series of Barjona comic strips

    "Ahoman", pff.

    • Barjona Uniform post

    In case we need a Uniform Guide or anything?

    • Oldschool Kitakou art

    SO old it's scary D:

    • The debut of the new Kitakou banner. Wonder what else this says...
    • Summaries of Noto's game adventures or something
    • Some Kitakou scribbles
    • Komachi redesign for the never-fini…
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    Busy busy

    August 25, 2010 by Black-Noto

    Classes have started back. I won't be surprised if I get held up from working on this place or the LJ community (but that place is up now!). I noticed while compiling the Pure masterlist for there that there were some mistakes I made, they got fixed for that place and I'll try to fix them here as soon as I can (I mislabeled chapter 3 with one of the omake titles, I need to grab the actual title and the title to another chapter and see if I can figure out what they say. Or I could just ask what they are XD: ).

    I also need to modify the profiles for some of the characters since finding out that Classic!Kitakou and Pure are two different parallel universe deals. No wonder we don't see Ichizen or Koedo in the original strips, they only exist in…

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  • Black-Noto

    Thanks to a kind Japanese fan on DougaBBS, the final seventh page of gaki.htm was found (the eighth and ninth pages were basically a splash page and a footnote, it seems). I have in my possession some pages of another deleted Kitakou comic that Noto_sama saved from the original GazouBBS (RIP) Kitayume thread. The Japanese fandom is very resourceful.

    I'm going to see if any more interest can be garnered for the translation project and this wiki, it would be nice to meet other fans of the old series. And since they lack the historical or country stuff that Hetalia has, I think they'd be much less controversial to discuss (maybe?).

    I'll make a Photobucket for my finds as soon as possible, but for now this is the direct link to the missing strip…

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