Tira Sugusuku
Tira early
Hometown: Yonaguni, Yaeyama District, Okinawa
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 8th
Hair Color: Dark Brown/black
Eye Color: Green (earlier colored instances), Brown
Height: 156cm (5'1)
Weight: 46kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type: O
First Appearance (Manga): Prologue to Chapter 4 (Kitakou Pure)
Last Appearance (Manga):

Tira Sugusuku (朱城てぃら, Sugusuku Tira) is a minor character that shows up in the Barjona Bombers manga and games, as well as Kitakou Pure. She is a student at Seiryou Information High School.


Tira has long, waist-length dark hair which she wears two red hibiscus blossoms in. She wears the standard girls' uniform of Seiryou, consisting of a white uniform shirt with a red neckbow, a green vest, and a tan or light green skirt. Her hair has varied between being black or dark brown, while her skin appears fair or a light brown in different colored images. Her eyes have also been colored alternatively as brown or green.


Hailing from southern Okinawa, Tira is the daughter of a convenience store manager. Personality-wise, she is carefree and bright, though very chatty and with the unusual quirk of being able to laugh non-stop, for as long as an hour on end. It is said that her endless laugher runs in the family, and it is prohibited to cause her to laugh in the broadcasting club due to the annoyance it causes.

When she is not laughing and happens to speak normally, her Okinawan accent tends to render her speech practically incomprehensible.


Kinu SugusukuEdit

In Himaruya's short illustrated story page for Okinawa Heart, a story that takes place in the '40s after the Battle of Okinawa, a young woman named Kinu Sugusuku is introduced to the heroine Michelle.

It is implied that she is a relative of Tira in some way, though their relations are not confirmed (the general assumption is that she must be Tira's grandmother). Her appearance and personality are also very reflective of Tira's, along with her surname. As the constant laughter is a hereditary trait in the Sugusuku bloodline, she bears this too.


  • Himaruya had also spelled Tira's name out as Tila and Tyla in older images and pages related to Kitakou and Barjona.

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