The title screen for The Deserted House.

The Deserted House (ずろうの棲処, Zurou no Sunika) is a horror-themed visual novel game that debuted on Kitayume in 2006. It is connected to the continuity of Barjona Bombers, and was initially planned as part of a series.


I decided to work a part-time job, only after I was invited by a classmate from junior high.

I went on an excursion to Niigata for a bit.

Thinking back, he's said a lot of strange things about this place.

The mineral pollution from the coal mines has also made the village become deserted.

Besides, there is talk of a strange spirit appearing here.


Youko KotohiraEdit

Main article: Youko Kotohira

The lead character of the game, who has taken a part-time job as a maid at the house. She is abnormally optimistic.

Nishinomaru HunaiEdit

Main article: Nishinomaru Hunai

A high school student who is in the same situation as Youko, though he is afraid of ghosts. He also works as a guitarist in the rock band KURD. He finds himself turning into a tsukkomi ("straight man") type character around Youko.

Kichijitsu KurishimaEdit

An old janitor working at Youko's school. He is serious and a fatherly type of character.

Eiji HyuugaEdit

The plump and laid-back owner of a petting farm who always works early, though he has found himself worrying over his son.

Musashi HyuugaEdit

Eiji's son, a cowardly and awkward young man who finds himself with feelings for Youko due to her maid get-up.

Enrique Hernandez GarciaEdit

A former war veteran and widower from Spain. He is a quiet man and hard to please.

Asha Hernandez GarciaEdit

Enrique's daughter. A glamorous young woman who attends school in Japan, though she speaks as if she were a middle-aged woman. She is very fond of Youko.

Arata MinamiEdit

An enthusiastic physical education teacher and former athlete. He is single, as his wife left him after having an affair.

Yuka and Mika MinamiEdit

The twin daughters of Arata, both in elementary school. Though both are usually expressionless and appear calm, Yuka is more abrasive and Mika is timid and a crybaby.

Mika admires and respects Youko deeply.


A mysterious person.

Shinobu HandouEdit

See also: Minor characters in the Kitayume universe

A friend of Youko's, referred to by her as Bu-chan.

Rika SakutaEdit

Another junior high classmate of Youko.

Mr. and Mrs. KotohiraEdit

It is said that Youko's father is a photographer.

Voice CastEdit

In The MangaEdit


Himaruya had planned to make a new Deserted House game, telling the story of another girl named Youko (Umetani). However, it appears the plans for this one have been stalled or scrapped entirely.


  • It has been said by Himaruya that there is a seventh ending to the game to be unlocked. However, this ending does not appear to be reachable, or it was never added in.

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