St. Andreas Azumi Academy is a school that appears in the series Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club as part of the extended Kitayume universe.


A historic Catholic mission school, the school has produced many outstanding literary and sports figures. It first appears in an early side-story in the Kitakou series, before the characters are later fully introduced in the later strips and the parallel Kitakou Pure comic. Ichizen only exists in the universe of this later parallel series, while Erika has only appeared in materials relating to Barjona Bombers at this point in time.

In its initial appearance, is is simply referred to as Asaka High School. It was later renamed Azumi, then St. Andreas Azumi when the Kitakou Pure game demo was produced.

Characters associated with the schoolEdit


Main article: Matsukage Choushuu

The chairman of the broadcasting club who is constantly worrying about the other members. He is the son of a famous doctor and aspires to be one himself.


Main article: Imari Hagakure

An elegant girl who is seemingly emotionless most of the time, she makes sure to follow the rules. She has feelings for Matsukage and is easily unnerved by louder people.


Main article: Shijimi Shimane

An expressive young boy who comes from a strict family. He is very loud and a problematic child, and said to have the tension of "the average Comiket cosplayer".


Main article: Houki Tottori

A shy quiet student who barely speaks or shows his feelings. He's serious about his love for music (which is why he joined the club), to the point where he plays the bass guitar in a rock band. He watches out for Shijimi.


Main article: Ichizen Ameya

The cheerful son of a Tokyo toy store owner, who can always be seen with his teddy bear. He's a former track and field athlete, but is not all that intelligent.


Main article: Erika Hibiya

A student at the broadcasting club who first appears in the Barjona games and manga. She's a spoiled, arrogant rich girl, although she is actually quite lonely on the inside.

Konchinessa BikushoruEdit

Ichizen's cursed teddy bear that appears in the Kitakou Pure comic (and would have appeared in the game). It has brought death to each person that had owned it, and has other strange abilities.