Shijimi Shimane
Shijimi pure
Hometown: Izumo, Shimane Prefecture
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 1st
Hair Color: Mint Green
Eye Color: Green
Height: 156cm (5'1)
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
First Appearance (Manga): Asaka Short Story: To the Spot of the Purple Flag (Classic Kitakou), Chapter 2: Center Grill with Omelette-rice (Kitakou Pure)
Last Appearance (Manga):

Shijimi Shimane (島根しじみ, Shimane Shijimi) is a minor character in Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club and a student at St.Andreas Azumi Academy.


Shijimi is a short, childish-looking boy with a somewhat shaggy green bob-cut, though in his initial Kitakou appearance, he was drawn looking slightly taller and older.

Classic KitakouEdit

His Asaka boys' uniform consists of a white uniform shirt, dark colored slacks (likely navy blue), and a tie.

Kitakou PureEdit

In this series, his uniform consists of a blue sweater vest, the uniform shirt, a red tie, and a pair of lighter blue trousers. He also wears a beret and a backpack with plush angel wings on his back.


Shijimi is described as a lively boy with the tension of a Comiket cosplayer, though this is in great contrast to his strict Shinto family upbringing. He is actually quite intelligent, but due to his loudness and his energetic attitude, others find him to simply be an annoyance.

He tends to utter "Kyaha!" as a laugh.


Matsukage ChoushuuEdit

Main article: Matsukage Choushuu

Shijimi often clings to him and follows him about out of admiration, but also winds up causing a lot of trouble in the process. In his first meeting with Matsukage in the classic Kitakou strips, he winds up annoying the rest of the club with his constant declarations of how "cute" the president is, along with panting over how much he "loves" him and would "die of moe" if he saw his butt.

Imari HagakureEdit

Main article: Imari Hagakure

Imari is often annoyed and unsettled by Shijimi due to his attitude, which makes things difficult due to the fact that she has feelings for Matsukage and can't really get a moment alone with him.

Houki TottoriEdit

Main article: Houki Tottori

Though Shijimi annoys the silent Houki with his talkative nature, Houki finds himself having to look out for the other boy, especially to keep him from causing trouble for Matsukage.


  • His first name refers to a type of clam, the shijimi, while his surname (like many other characters) is a reference to the prefecture of the same name.

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