Seiryou old

The Seiryou students, from left to right: Tira Sugusuku, Chako Hamamatsu, Fujiyuki Hamamatsu, Komachi Akita, and Iyuta Nibutani.

Seiryou Information High School is another school in the Kitayume universe which crosses over with both Barjona Bombers and Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure. It does not appear to exist in the universe of the classic Kitakou strips.


This high school first appears in a story serving as a prologue to the fourth chapter of Pure, though the Hamamatsu siblings made their first appearance in the story Radiowave Yunyun.

Out of the five schools with broadcasting clubs, this one has many girls who are comparatively skilled in the information field.

Characters associated with the schoolEdit


Main article: Fujiyuki Hamamatsu

The chairman of the club. He is a boy born with miserable luck and a very unhappy person.


Main article: Chako Hamamatsu

Fujiyuki's sister. She is shy and clingy and somewhat of a crybaby, though she also harbors a secret crush on Noto.

Iyu IyuEdit

Main article: Iyuta Nibutani

An average boy who has a crush on Yunyun, but because he hangs around her brother more, people think he has feelings for him instead.


Main article: Tira Sugusuku

A bright and friendly girl from Okinawa who laughs a lot. As her accent is strong, it is hard to understand what she might say.


Main article: Komachi Akita

A mysterious gothic lolita-type girl who's always frowning. She has a habit of adding strange words to her sentences, and insists that she must be a princess from a faraway land.


The mascot and deity of the Seiryou broadcasting club that came into existence approximately 20 years prior to the story. She resembles a purple version of TERUKO, but without the wings (instead bearing a star on her head). In human form, she is a brunette girl dressed in a violet kimono.

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