Rani Sujanta Sachdeva'
Hometown: Nantucket, Massachusetts
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black/Brown
Eye Color: Brown/Amber
Blood Type:
First Appearance (Manga): Chibi-san Date (Omake, Bamboo Thicket blog)
Last Appearance (Manga):

Rani Sujanta Sachdeva (often simply referred to as Sujanta) is a minor character in Chibi-san Date.


Sujanta has long, dark hair, often worn in a pair of pigtails with white ribbons. She has alternatively been depicted with fair skin and darker skin, though she is intended to have the latter. Her eyes have also varied from being deep brown to more of an amber shade, while her hair has alternated between black and brown.

She often wears a white blouse, a long brown skirt, a white and brown striped apron, striped socks, and dark loafers.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Sujanta is a worker at a bookstore in Nantucket, who aspires to become a famous picture book artist. But although she is bright and cheerful, she is also quite scatterbrained and clumsy.



Main Article: Chibi-san

When Chibi-san was found by Rocket she had called the officials looking for her parentage.

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