Okinawa Heart (うちなんちゅぬ心, Uchinanchu nu kokoro) is a short illustrated online story by Hidekaz Himaruya, released in 2006. It takes place in Okinawa Prefecture, after WWII and the Battle of Okinawa.

The story was later briefly revisited in a post on Bamboo Thicket in 2008.


A young third-generation Japanese girl named Michelle Kyan returns to her grandfather's hometown in Okinawa, though she has only known of the place through her grandfather's stories. This is her story of her experiences there and the different cultures and people she meets...


Michelle KyanEdit

Main Article: Michelle Kyan

The hero of the story. Though she is Japanese, she is only third-generation and is unable to speak the language. She has a difficult personality and doesn't show emotion very well.

Amahisa IkeiEdit

Main Article: Amahisa Ikei

A war veteran who is irresponsible, yet generous.

Chata ShabanaEdit

Main Article: Chata Shabana

The son of a fisherman with a peaceful and serious personality. He often finds himself worrying about Michelle.

Toushun YonamineEdit

Main Article: Toushun Yoamine

A boy who lives with his grandmother and who fights with Michelle. He grows bitter gourds as food in his garden.

Kinu SugusukuEdit

Main Article: Kinu Sugusuku

A cheerful young girl who enjoys making Sataandagi (a type of deep-fried Okinawan sweet). She likes Michelle and aims to be her friend.

It is implied that she is an ancestor of Tira Sugusuku (who appears in Barjona and Kitakou Pure), likely her grandmother, though it has not been directly confirmed.

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