Noto-sama is a series of downloadable simulation games that star Noto Kanazawa from Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure, in his quest to bully and strip other characters.

However, the series did not get the actual title of Noto-sama until the third installment, which introduced Yamato Nara as Noto's new partner (following the departure of Hinaji after the second game).

In the first four games, the victims were the cast members of Barjona Bombers, though the fifth changed the format by having a crossover with Hetalia occur. An unfinished sixth game was released in 2009 with promise of a patch to complete it, though the patch has yet to come. Himaruya's original outline for the Noto-sama game universe also included a seventh and final game, entitled Noto-sama Final. It is unknown when this game will come to be.

Game SummariesEdit

Note: Due to the earlier games having vanished from the site and no longer being available, what follows is an attempt to summarize each of them as much as possible.



3 (2005)Edit

4 (2006)Edit


Noto-sama 4 title screen.

5 (2007)Edit

Main Article: Noto-sama 5

Noto-sama 5 title screen.

  • Noto-sama Victim: Prussia (of Hetalia: Axis Powers)

6 (2009, incomplete)Edit

Main Article: Noto-sama 6

Noto-sama 6 title screen.

  • Noto-sama Victim: Germany (of Hetalia: Axis Powers, unreleased patched version)

Noto-sama Final (unpublished/postponed)Edit

  • Noto-sama Victim: Unknown

This game was originally planned for a target date of September 2007, after the original intended release of Noto-sama 6 for August 2007. As Noto-sama 6 did not get released until 2009 and the finished version still has yet to come, it is unknown if this game is still planned.