Nishinomaru Hunai
Hometown: Ooita Prefecture
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 14th
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 172cm (5'8)
Weight: 57kg (125 lbs)
Blood Type: A
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 2: It might be, totally.
Last Appearance (Manga):

Nishinomaru Hunai (府内西丸, Hunai Nishinomaru), usually referred to as simply Nomaru, is a character in the series Barjona Bombers, attending the delinquent-filled Barjona Marine High School.


Nomaru wears a black mesh shirt with a white button-down shirt over it, and a pair of teal slacks. He used to wear a tan cap on his head, as seen in the earlier chapters and artwork for Barjona.


Though he looks like he would be a punk, Nomaru is actually one of the most normal students at Barjona High. He dresses the way he does due to the fact that he's also the lead guitarist in a rock band, KURD. Nomaru's often kept very busy, whether it's his rock band, the broadcasting club, or taking care of his younger siblings. But he's afraid of the occult and hates ghost stories.


Tsukomi Hoke (Tsuko)Edit

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Nomaru received his popular nickname from Tsukomi, and finds himself having to watch after him as much as his siblings.

Kalom HikoneEdit

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Kalom is also often "baby-sat" by Nomaru, who does what he can to keep both him and Tsuko out of trouble.

Houki TottoriEdit

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A fellow bandmate in KURD. He plays the bass guitar.

Minatsu Iyo (Nacchan)Edit

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Minatsu is a fan of ghost stories and the supernatural, much to the aggravation of Nomaru, who often winds up creeped out by these stories.

Noto KanazawaEdit

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After having become "Black Noto" (or "Noto-sama"), Noto targeted Nomaru for harassment along with the other Barjona students. Nomaru became the designated victim in the second game of the Noto-sama series.

Youko KotohiraEdit

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Nomaru co-stars with Youko in the game The Deserted House, in which his fear of the supernatural is explored further. He has a crush on Youko, though she only thinks of him as a strange man.


  • His given name seems to reference the Nishinomaru garden, located in Osaka Prefecture.