Michelle Kyan is the main character in Okinawa Heart.

Michelle Kyan
Hometown: United States
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Gender: Female
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Hair Color: Blond
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First Appearance (Manga): Okinawa Heart
Last Appearance (Manga): Okinawa Heart


Michelle appears as a young women that seems to be in her teen years. She has short blond hair though her eye is unidentified as Himaruya seemed to have it either light brown or amber colored eyes. She wears a white sundress and is shown to be wearing a choker necklace with a pendant on it.


Michelle is a third-generation Japanese (sansei) girl. Her family is living in the United States and has no knowledge of Japanese making it hard for her during her time in Okinawa. She has a very difficult personality and has a hard time showing emotion. In her appearence in Okinawa Heart she is extremely moody and retains a very neutral expression through the story. 


Amahisa IkeiEdit

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He is the first of the cast to be shown interacting with Michelle. He shows Michelle how to write Japanese. The two are seen to be close.

Chata ShabanaEdit

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The two are shown to get along well. She is shown helping him in the

Toushun YoamineEdit

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The two are always constantly bickering. It is unkown if Toushun really does dislike her or if he actually hides feelings for her.

Kinu Sugusuku Edit

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She is seen to enjoy Kinu's Sataandagi as well as her personality and company.