This is the list of chapters present in the manga Chibi-san Date by Hidekaz Himaruya.

Volume 1Edit

Chapter 1: "Clear. Some Of The Babena In The Garden Have Flowered."Edit

Published in the April 2009 edition of Comic Birz.

Seiji Chiga sits dejected on a dock on the island of Nantucket, an artistic block keeping him from enjoying the beautiful day around him with his friend Reinhard Fischer, as the drawing contest is fast approaching. Inland, a young girl named Chibi-san arrives at the home of Mr. Suehiro to wish him a happy birthday and give him a picture she drew as a present. Seiji arrives, as he is staying with Suehiro as his apprentice. Chibi-san asks Seiji to go to the lighthouse with her, but he curtly turns her down. Chibi-san quickly figures out that hes in a slump, and he is shown lying down in his bedroom stressing over what he should draw for the contest, having already drawn the lighthouse for the contest the year before. Deciding to be productive, Seiji goes downstairs to get his sketchbook and runs into Candy and Margaret Baker.

Candy asks him why he looks so bored and tells him that he should quit worrying about every little thing and just draw. After talking for a minute, Margaret remembers that they came to bring him a batch of cookies Candy made, and they part ways, with Candy reminding him not to overwork himself. Seiji mulls over why he is in such a state, and while staring out the window is hit by a nut thrown by Fischer, who is visiting Suehiro to voice his concerns about Seiji. That night, Seiji sits on the roof and half-heartedly considers jumping, when Suehiro comes up with a cup of hot cocoa. Suehiro tells Seiji that everyone falls into slumps, and he should practice drawing what he likes for the time being. Somewhat re-energized, Seiji begins to sketch again, though he is still very unsatisfied with how it turns out.

Chapter 2: "Clear. I Stocked Up On Paints While I Was Out."Edit

Published in the May 2009 edition of Comic Birz.

Chapter 3: "Today I Made Cookies And Tried My Hardest. Just One More."Edit

Published in the June 2009 edition of Comic Birz.

Chapter 3 OmakeEdit

Chapter 4: "Clear. The Plovers Built A Nest."Edit

Chapter 5: "Cloudy. I'm Embarrassed. I Want To Hide Somewhere."Edit

Chapter 6: "Clear With Occasional Rain. I Want To Believe In Myself."Edit

Chapter 7: "The Day I Arrived."Edit

Chapter 7 OmakeEdit

Other Published ChaptersEdit

These Chapters have appeared in Comic Birz magazine but have yet to be collected into a Volume release.

Chapter 8Edit

Published in the April 2010 edition of Comic Birz.

Chapter 9Edit

Published in the July 2010 edition of Comic Birz.

Chapter 10Edit

Published in the August 2010 edition of Comic Birz.

Webcomic StoriesEdit

"Questionably Cloudy. Chibi-san Came Home With A Strange Picture Book."Edit

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