Koedo Chiba
Hometown: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 29th
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 172cm (5'8)
Weight: 53kg (116 lbs)
Blood Type: Unknown
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 2: Center Grill with Omelette-rice
Last Appearance (Manga):

Koedo Chiba (千葉小江戸, Chiba Koedo) is a minor character in Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club and a student at Iwase Agricultural High School, only existing in the Pure universe.


She wears her hair short, with sideswept bangs. As she prefers to act as a male, she wears the boys' uniform for Iwase, with its khaki-green vest and light tan slacks.


A tall and androgynous girl in the Iwase clique, Koedo was often teased as a child for these looks, which lead to her deciding that she would live her life as a boy. She is often picked on by her peers for not acting like a girl, and has an aversion to being treated like one. Though she usually acts cold, if either of those two things happen, she can wind up losing control in her frustration.

She's hardworking in her hobbies, which included making stuffed animals and donating blood, however, she has been known to collapse from donating too much of her blood at once.