Kamome Yuri
Kamome early
Hometown: Koto, Tokyo Prefecture
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 23rd
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 162cm (5'4)
Weight: 51kg (112 lbs)
Blood Type: O
First Appearance (Manga):
Last Appearance (Manga):

Kamome Yuri (百合かもめ, Yuri Kamome) is a character in the series Barjona Bombers, working as a student teacher at the school.


Kamome is a petite, slender man with dark hair and eyes. He usually wears a white uniform shirt and blue slacks, with a short matching tie.


Having come from a rich family, Kamome decided to train to be a teacher. Unfortunately for him, he wound up saddled with the worst school in Yokohama: Barjona Marine High School. He received the nickname "Tama" ("testicles") from a pun about his given name, kamomeno tamago ("seagull eggs").

He is easily bewildered in his day to day work at the school, what with all of the delinquent behavior that goes on.


Minato MiraiEdit

Main article: Minato Mirai

Kamome works for Minato as his apprentice, though he is inexperienced and his job is complicated by the students they have to teach.


  • His given name references the Kamome express train in Tokyo while his nickname references the Western Tokyo Area, or Tama area (多摩地域, Tama chiiki).

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