Junsa Mito
Junsa pure
Hometown: Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 30th
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 183cm (6'0)
Weight: 64kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: Unknown
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 14: Hey, your house is on fire. (Classic Kitakou), Chapter 2: Center Grill with Omelette-rice (Kitakou Pure)
Last Appearance (Manga):

Junsa Mito (水戸純咲, Mito Junsa) is a minor character in Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club, who attends Iwase Agricultural High School.


Junsa is the tallest of the clique of Iwase students shown in the comic. He wears his spiky-styled hair tied up into a short high ponytail.

Classic KitakouEdit

His Iwase boys' uniform consists of a white uniform shirt, a dark tie, and a dark pair of slacks.

Kitakou PureEdit

The Iwase boys' uniform consists of a khaki-green vest worn over the uniform shirt, and a pair of tan slacks. As he does not tuck his shirt in, it is visible from under the vest.


Junsa is characterized as free-spirited yet loud, hot-blooded, and opinionated. As he's the son of a cop, he often operates on his own strong sense of justice. But as he's always in a state of high tension, that sense of justice can wind up getting him into more trouble than actually helping situations. If he winds up angered, his first reaction is to go on a rampage.

He speaks in the Ibaraki dialect, and has a lively tone. His favorite food is chocolate natto, though he fears senryu poetry. When it comes to the departments at Iwase, Junsa is a third year in Agriculture.


Kanra TakasakiEdit

Main article: Kanra Takasaki

Junsa's childhood friend, who attempts to act as an older sister to him and restrain him from going overboard. Though she acts strict, she is still quite meek when it comes to things.

In other seriesEdit

Axis Powers Hetalia/Hetalia: Axis PowersEdit

A feudal clan personification bearing a resemblance to Junsa, by name of Mito-han, appears in two strips of the series (one of them that is unfinished). He debuts in Black Ships Have Come!, wanting to drive out the Americans (including America himself) that have arrived on the Japanese shores. He proceeds to berate Aizu-han for suggesting that they find a way to co-exist with the Western powers.

He next shows up in the footnotes to the unfinished The World of War and the Fool of Owari, where he is given a brief profile with the other -hans.

While Junsa's hair is light brown, Mito-han's hair is depicted as black (or at least a very dark brown).


  • As he is modeled after the Ibaraki Prefecture, his surname derives from its capital Mito, as well as a feudal region of Edo-era Japan. His given name derives from Junsa, a Japanese word meaning "policeman".