Iwase old

The Iwase quartet, from left to right: Koedo Chiba, Junsa Mito, Kanra Takasaki, and Ichigo Nikkou.

Iwase Agricultural High School is another school in the Kitayume universe, that shows up in crossovers with Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club and the Pure parallel series (which introduces the fourth student, Koedo).


The first three Iwase students are given an introduction in the 14th and 15th chapters of the original Kitakou series, though their school is not delved into very much.

The version of Iwase that exists in Kitakou Pure is described as being the only agricultural school in the prefecture, and that it is filled with carefree students. Although its broadcasting club is small and weaker in comparison to the others, Iwase has been famous for its film division.

Characters associated with the schoolEdit


Main article: Junsa Mito

A hot-blooded, free-spirited boy with a strong sense of justice. If he's angered, he will rampage.


Main article: Kanra Takasaki

Junsa's childhood friend, who acts like an older sister. Though she acts serious, she is still somewhat meek and her views on love are old-fashioned.


Main article: Ichigo Nikkou

A master of archery that may seem easygoing, but is in actuality very intimidating even when he smiles. His feminine appearance is due to the fact that he neglects to cut his hair.


Main article: Koedo Chiba

Appears to be male at first sight, but is in fact female. Due to having been made fun of as a kid for looking masculine, she chose to live her life as a male. She has a cold personality and finds it frustrating to be treated like a girl.