Houki Tottori
Houki pure
Hometown: Hawai, Tottori Prefecture
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 2nd
Hair Color: Dark Orange
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 173cm (5'8)
Weight: 54kg (119 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
First Appearance (Manga): Asaka Short Story: To the Spot of the Purple Flag (Classic Kitakou), Chapter 2: Center Grill with Omelette-rice (Kitakou Pure)
Last Appearance (Manga):

Houki Tottori (鳥取ほうき, Tottori Houki is a minor character in Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club and part of St.Andreas Azumi Academy (Asaka in the original strips).


Houki has wild, spiked hair of a burnt orange hue and is the second-shortest of the males in the Asaka/Azumi clique.

Classic KitakouEdit

His uniform consists of a white short-sleeved shirt, dark slacks, a brown undershirt, and a dark tie.

Kitakou PureEdit

In Pure, the uniform is similar, though he wears a brown hoodie under his shirt and his slacks are light blue.


Houki is a quiet and shy young man who only joined the school broadcasting club due to his love of music. As he is often silent and expressionless, it can be difficult to tell what's exactly on his mind. But he is actually quite friendly and loyal.

He plays the bass guitar in the local Yokohama rock band, KURD.


Matsukage ChoushuuEdit

Main article: Matsukage Choushuu

Houki looks up to the president of the broadcasting club and can usually be seen following him around, much to the chagrin of Imari.

Shijimi ShimaneEdit

Main article: Shijimi Shimane

The two are rivals in their admiration of Matsukage, and Houki can usually be seen following Shijimi about to try to keep an eye on him and keep him out of trouble.

Nishinomaru HunaiEdit

Main article: Nishinomaru Hunai

Nomaru is Houki's fellow bandmate in KURD, and plays the lead guitar.


  • While his surname directly references Tottori Prefecture, his given name derives from a town within it.

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