• FH14

    Kitayume Wiki has moved hosts and is now on ShoutWiki. The site can be accessed at

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  • WonderfulAsia

    Kitayume Answers Wiki

    October 24, 2010 by WonderfulAsia

    I started a Kitayume Answers questions wiki. I made this in hopes if anyone would like to know about Himaruya's other series.

    It's been up for quite a while, but no one but I and MizuTakishima have visited, and I hope some others will too!

    Here's the link:

    I hope you guys will visit the site sometime!


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  • WonderfulAsia

    你好! 近排點呀? (Néih hóu! Gahnpàaih dím a?)

    (Hello! How are you doing recently?)

    Wiki got a new look and Monaco will be no more on November 3rd. So I'm thinking about a November Revamp of this place. Any opinions?

    Anyways we've got a new member and she's also started a Kitayume Group on DA! Here's the link to that group:

    Thanks for all your work guys!

    I'd love to here opinions!

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  • MizuTakishima

    Sorry if this sort of thing isn't allowed; I'm kinda a newbie when it comes to Wikia stuff and I figured this would at least be somewhat relevant/interesting to anyone who surfs/uses/works on this wiki.

    Basically, I've known about Himaruya's other comics for a while, (namely Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club, Barjona Bombers, and Chibi-san Date) but this wikia has shown and taught me much more about his works (even about series I never knew!) and it's inspired me to spread the love of Himaruya's lesser-known webcomics, (most people only know about Hetalia)

    So, I decided to start a group on deviantART that embodies all those web-comics, which will hopefully help them become more well-known. (which could be useful for scanlations and recoveri…

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  • FH14

    Over at the chibi-san date Livejournal community, zeittari posted that Chibi-san date was once again missing from this month's issue of Comic Birz. The strip has apparently been on hiatus for a few months now, and mochironnai posted that "it is said that if you don't have good ratings then you get cut by the tenth month."

    Chibi-san Date went on hiatus after chapter 10.

    Now I don't think Tokyopop would have licensed the manga for an English release were this the case... but you never know. Maybe Himaruya is swamped with another project (Hetalia Volume 4 maybe?).

    Original Livejournal Post:

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  • Black-Noto

    Yep. Tried to get on there today, and it's gone. It was up yesterday and working fine, but now the domain has lapsed and it redirects to some domain search page (that might give a virus, I'm always scared of those pages). DougaBBS was actually the backup board for the long-dead GazouBBS imageboard too, and it looks like no one thought to make a backup for this backup!

    So now I wonder, where will people get their old-school lost Kitayume pictures from? There were pictures there that have been missing from the current site entirely, I should've saved some more there. Before the board died, I tried posting some pages to the incomplete/missing Barjona strips in hopes that someone else had the other pages, but there didn't seem to be much luck. …

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  • FH14

    Shiny New Look!

    September 21, 2010 by FH14

    Okay, so I finally worked (most?) of the bugs out of the layouts and I moved them out of the Sandbox. What does everyone think? Hate it? Something you would have done differently? Tell me! :)

    As of right now the only things left to be done with them is the Other Works page (came up with a new design as I was changing the layout over. Oh Brain.) and the page width for the four Portal Pages (Barjona Bombers, Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club, Chibi-san Date and Other Comics and Works) needs to be changed to match the page width for the Kitayume Wiki Main Page (the later of which is something an admin needs to do.)

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  • WonderfulAsia

    Hey guys! I just wanted to post the current projects I'm working on for translations and if anyone would like to request any translations.

    Projects Currently:

    Susume! Kitakou Broadcasting Club: Chapter 12

    Barjona Bombers: Chapter 1

    Chibi-san Deito!: ??? (here's the link:

    Onikawa Heart

    Any other requests? I'd be happy to take them, once I'm done with these projects. It's going to take me a while, so could you please be paitent while I'm still translating these strips? Thanks, and I'll try my best to fulfull your translation request.

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  • Black-Noto

    If you have an account for NicoVideo, this may help in finding more information about the old Barjona and Noto-sama games.

    Tags to look for for :

    バルヨナ (Barjona)

    きたこー放送部 (Kitakou Broadcasting Club)

    のとさま (Noto-sama)

    のと様 (Another reading of "Noto-sama")

    バルヨナボンバーズ (Barjona Bombers, has vids exclusively for the old Barjona game)

    キタユメ (Kitayume, but it just seems to have about three Barjona videos)

    ずろうの棲処 (The Deserted House)

    The general Barjona tag gives more videos, about three pages. Kitakou gives about one page. You can see general cute MADs, and also MADs of people doing gameplay of the old games. Unfortunately since it's Japanese-only, you'd have to find someone to try to provide a translation for those ones unless you …

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  • Black-Noto

    I think this is about it. The amount of Kitakou and Barjona stuff decreased by the year.

    • Some comic with Nomaru and Tsuko
    • Part 2

    Gonna double-check to see if this might still be in the main Barjona listing. He linked these on his blog and I decided to check the Geocities site to see if they existed there first. If they're not part of the main comic page anymore, we have two more strips to add to the list of Misc./missing ones.

    • A series of Barjona comic strips

    "Ahoman", pff.

    • Barjona Uniform post

    In case we need a Uniform Guide or anything?

    • Oldschool Kitakou art

    SO old it's scary D:

    • The debut of the new Kitakou banner. Wonder what else this says...
    • Summaries of Noto's game adventures or something
    • Some Kitakou scribbles
    • Komachi redesign for the never-fini…
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