Barjona Marine High School is a school in the series Barjona Bombers, though the characters have also shown up in crossovers with Kitakou as part of the shared Kitayume universe.


Barjona is described as the worst school in the prefecture, and its nickname is "Bakajona" (Idiot-jona). It is a very old school, and was once rather respectable, but the only thing that remains is the attractive architecture. Because of its age, the school is rumored to be haunted and a site of occult activities, especially when it comes to its broadcasting room.

Students rarely attend their courses regularly, and though the school is co-ed, no female students seem to have enrolled.

Characters associated with the schoolEdit


Main article: Yamato Nara

A later addition to the cast and the hero of the Barjona game. He's optimistic and a bit foolish, yet still grounded in common sense. After the departure of Hinaji, he becomes Noto's new servant in the Noto-sama games.


Main article: Kalom Hikone

A polite and gentle boy who is often bullied and comes from a frugal family.


Main article: Nishinomaru Hunai

Looks like a punk, but is the most normal out of the cast and very hard-working. He plays guitar in the same rock band as Houki Tottori.


Main article: Sunki Udono

A quiet and serious samurai-type guy who was part of the kendo club until he wound up injuring one of his legs.


Main article: Minatsu Iyo

The cheerful yet clumsy occult-lover of the group, who's also fond of his digital camera.


Main article: Homare Aizu

The president of the student council. He's a cynic and not very social, and also happens to be terrible at cooking.


Main article: Matsuri Hakata

A famous young actor who attends the school. Though he seems like he would be very mature, he's quite childish.


Main article: Tsukomi Hoke

A bratty and naughty teenage boy who lives with the Yakuza and has his own sense of justice.


Main article: Minato Mirai

The 28-year old school doctor with an outrageous and excitable personality.


Main article: Kamome Yuri

The unfortunate student teacher who is stuck teaching the delinquents of Barjona.


The guardian deity and mascot of the Barjona broadcasting club. Her default form is that of a small pink ghost-like creature with wings and a red ribbon, but she also has a human form that resembles a young blonde girl in a pink dress. She has existed for ten years at the school.


Homare's pet rabbit.


Sunki's cormorant. Has a human form, which is that of a dark-haired girl dressed in black.