Barjona Bombers (バルヨナボンバーズ, Baruyona Bonbazu) was the second major webcomic and game series created by Hidekaz Himaruya (then known as Kazuyoshi Himaruya). It debuted in July 2004 with its first two chapters posted on the original host for the webcomic strips, Side-B.

The series focuses on a group of delinquents at Barjona Marine High School, who have to deal with reluctantly running their school's revived broadcasting club.


"...Because there is a ghost in the broadcasting room at this school."

"...Seriously? It's scary?"

"...Where is the broadcasting room?"

Barjona Marina High School is the strongest delinquent school in this prefecture. It's nicknamed "Bakajona".

With delinquents around every 360 degrees at this school, the long-discontinued broadcasting club is being brought back! Or something like that.

But it's too impossible. Because we're just a bunch of delinquents. Plus we don't have any experience with broadcasting. Ah, we just want to meet and be popular with cute girls!


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Barjona started out with the focus on five delinquents at the school: Homare, Nomaru, Sunki, Kalom, and Tsuko. Supporting characters included other school faculty members such as Minato Mirai, and the strange being known as TERUKO.

Nacchan soon became part of the cast, and other characters would wind up added over time. Though a later addition to the series, Yamato Nara wound up becoming a popular character due to his involvement in the Noto-sama games.

Evolution of the seriesEdit

To come.


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The original Barjona Bombers game was released in 2004. A demo of a remade version was released in 2007, but deleted. A followup game was planned for the next year, but appears to have been postponed indefinitely or completely scrapped. More characters would have appeared in the remake, including Hagina Sendai and the other members of Nomaru's band KURD.

Cast (Original Game)Edit

Note: It is likely that most, if not all, of the cast members used pseudonyms. Information about them will be provided if available.

  • Kalom Hikone: Kalvass
  • Tsukomi Hoke:
  • Sunki Udono: Ichigo Honsuwa
  • Nishinomaru Hunai: Touya Tsukishima
  • Homare Aizu: "167"
  • Minatsu Iyo:
  • Matsuri Hakata: Shusu Sato
  • Akabeko: Kurumi Ayachi
  • Mino: Yukio
  • Minato Mirai:
  • Kamome Yuri: Haruka Mizuno
  • Iyuta Nibutani: Hotvs
  • Tira Sugusuku: Su Otonashi
  • Komachi Akita: Miruku Hisashi
  • Teruchiyo: Haruka Suou
  • Nishiki Yonezawa: Kyah
  • Erika Hibiya:
  • Keiko Yoshino: