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Imari Hagakure (葉隠いまり Hagakure Imari) is a minor character in Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club. She attends the prestigious St.Andreas Azumi Academy (in the Pure version, while the school she attends in the classic strips is Asaka High School). More...

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Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club (すすめ!きたこー放送部, Susume! Kitakou Housoubu, lit: Progress! North Industry Broadcast Department) was the first webcomic created by Hidekaz Himaruya, debuting with the launch of his site Kitayume in March 2003. Himaruya, who was a teenager at the time he created the comic, stated that his motivation was to write a story to show how enjoyable the experience of broadcasting clubs was. But he also noted that the comic quickly became something bigger and took different twists. The comic focuses on the broadcasting club at Koriyama Kitakou High School and the new student named Noto who attempts to bring the club back to its former glory.

A parallel version of the webcomic, entitled Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure (すすめ!きたこー放送部Pure, Susume! Kitakou Housoubu Pure), was launched in early 2004. While both comics share a number of the same characters, there are key differences between each version.

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